• Robocon

    RoboTech(2014-2017) RoboTech, the team for robot contest at The University of Tokyo. Belonged to mechanic section. worked as the team leader of RoboTech in 2016 winner of National Championships(NHK Robocon), and participated in the international robot contest “ABU Robocon2016” as Representation from Japan Visit to the Prime Minister’s residence as Representation from Japan link, link At ABU Robocon2016, We were 2nd-RunnerUp and we were commened for ABU Robocon award.
  • ロボコン

    概要 ロボコンに関する活動のまとめ 2020/05/01地点の情報 RoboTech(2014-2017) 東京大学でNHK学生ロボコン,及びABUロボコンの優勝を目指すサークルRob