• High-speed Hitting Grasping with Magripper

    Summary concept In this study, Magripper, a highly backdrivable gripper, and hitting grasping, high-speed grasping framework, are developed to achieve high-speed hitting grasping executed seamlessly from reaching. The gripper is designed to achieve both high speediness and environmental adaptability. To realize high-speed hitting grasping with Magripper, the framework using three elements were developed. Designed Magripper, a highly backdrivable gripper Implemented deformation control based the Zener model in Magripper Proposed the concept of hitting grasping using Magripper Magripper We introduce a magnetic gear and developed Magripper, a highly backdrivable 1-actuator gripper, to achieve both high speed and environmental adaptability.
  • Adaptive Visual Shock Absorber with Magslider

    Summary Researched at http://ishikawa-vision.org/fusion/Magslider/index-e.html concept control strategy In this study, a visual shock absorber capable of adapting to free-fall objects with various weights and speeds is designed and realized. An experiment was conducted for the receiving of balls in free-fall and the adaptive shock absorber succeeded in adaptively receiving the light wood ball with different velocities. To realize an adaptive visual shock absorber, the framework using three elements were developed.
  • High speed supply station for UAV delivery system

    Summary Researched at http://ishikawa-vision.org/fusion/UAVdelivery/index-e.html Although research on physical distribution using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has seen increasingly significant interest, the task of automatically loading a parcel onto a UAV has not been researched adequately. In this study, to design an automatic UAV delivery system, we achieved the task of non-stop handover of a parcel to an airborne UAV. For the handover task, we developed a novel tracking system with high-speed, multi-camera vision using cameras with different frame rates.
  • Interest

    Soccer I have played soccer for over 15 years. I play as attacker, mainly Second Top and Side Midfielder. History I like Romance of the Three Kingdoms(三国志) and the age of provincial wars in Japan(戦国時代). As a person, I like Du Yu(杜預)
  • Robocon

    RoboTech(2014-2017) RoboTech, the team for robot contest at The University of Tokyo. Belonged to mechanic section. worked as the team leader of RoboTech in 2016 winner of National Championships(NHK Robocon), and participated in the international robot contest “ABU Robocon2016” as Representation from Japan Visit to the Prime Minister’s residence as Representation from Japan link, link At ABU Robocon2016, We were 2nd-RunnerUp and we were commened for ABU Robocon award.
  • ロボコン

    概要 ロボコンに関する活動のまとめ 2020/05/01地点の情報 RoboTech(2014-2017) 東京大学でNHK学生ロボコン,及びABUロボコンの優勝を目指すサークルRob
  • 趣味

    サッカー 幼稚園〜大学と長くやってるスポーツ ボランチ→トップ下→サイドハーフ→ウイング 大学のサークル HotSpurs 21期 歴史 三国志 魏推し 人物: 杜預, 曹操,