I have played soccer for over 15 years. I play as attacker, mainly Second Top and Side Midfielder.


I like Romance of the Three Kingdoms(三国志) and the age of provincial wars in Japan(戦国時代). As a person, I like Du Yu(杜預), Cao Cao(曹操), Sima Yi(司馬懿), Zhang Liao(張遼), and Guo Jia(郭嘉) in the Three Kingdom.


I like background music of movie and anime and game. Especially, I like Yuki Kajiura(梶浦由記), who is a Japanese composer and music producer. I listen to her music (Soundtracks, Fiction Junction, Kalafina) a lot.

Video Game

  • Japanese Mahjong
  • NieR: Automata
  • Ever17