• Tensegrity Simulation

    What is this Blog of https://github.com/scepter914/Tensegrity-simulation Methods Sequence Initialize position of particles and parameters Loop Initialize force of each particle Update force of each particle from spring Update position of each particle Satisfy distance constraints of each strut Update collision of ground Each Particles f = Mg Spring $f=K_s(l-l_0)d+K_d(v_1・d-v_0・d)d$ $K_s$ : spring constant $l$ : current length $l_0$ : rest length $d$ : unit vector toward the other particle $K_d$ : damper constant $v_0$,$v_1$ : velocity of particles Update particles Verlet Integration $x_{n+1} ← $ $ xn+(xn-x_{n-1})+Δt^2F_n/m$ xn is $x_n$ (it is rendering error) Strut $x_0$ ← $(x_0 + x_1)/2.